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Monday, 2 January 2017

Most Popular Sports in Canada

With names like Steve Nash, Wayne Gretzky, Rosie MacLennan, Lennox Lewis, and Donovan Bailey, Canada is a sports powerhouse of the world. The Canadian way of avoiding obesity and escaping the cold weather is quite different from rest of the world. The country that has quite a significant dominance in the Olympics Games hosted the Winter Games twice and the Summer Games once in 1976. So what really makes the Canadians this sport friendly that they are always on the hunt for an online travel agency that offers cheap flight tickets? The reason is that they don’t want to miss any of their favourite teams’ games. Here is the list most popular sports teams in Canada.

Ice Hockey

Canada and Ice Hockey go hand in hand; it is so popular that it’s been named as the official national sport in Canada. Traditional powerhouses, Canadians team have been quite dominant in the ‘National Hockey League (NHL)’. Except for Winnipeg Jets, the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leaves, Ottawa Senators have all won the prestigious ‘Stanley Cup’ at least once. Canadian Ice Hockey players are some of the most highly paid professionals in the world with the Montreal Canadians winning the Stanley Cup a record 24 times. Booking flight tickets with an online travel agency to watch your favourite team battle out is a common Canadian tradition.


More popular in the United States, the game of Basketball was invented by a Canadian, James Naismith in 1891. Today the Basketball Hall of Fame is known as the ‘Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame’. In 1994, Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies joined the NBA and took the game to a whole new level in Canada. People have basketball courts in their backyards where they like to dunk on Sunday afternoons. Players like Steve Nash, Cory Joseph, Bob Houbregs, Bill Wennington, and Andrew Wiggins have made the sports second ranked in Canada. While looking for an online travel agency to book flight tickets to a Raptors game, you will be surprised to know that they play at the ‘Air Canada Center’, the place that hosted the 2016 NBA All-Star Game.


Lacrosse is one of the oldest sports in Canada with the Canadian men’s and women’s team being one of the top teams in the world. Canada won the 2006 World Lacrosse Championship.


Not traditionally a stronghold but cricket is gradually becoming popular in Canada. After achieving ICC membership in 1968, the country has participated in four ICC Cricket World Cups. The team is most notably known for defeating the mighty Aussies in 1975 edition of the tournament.


This interesting Canadian sport is close to every native’s heart. Sending stones over ice surface while the other members clean the path for it to reach nearest the center. A popular sport, the first Curling club in Canada came into existence in the year 1807. It is one of the most televised sports in Canada.

This sums up our list of most popular sports in Canada. If you’re looking to watch your favourite teams battle it out, then book your tickets today with any leading online travel agency like, Expedia etc and have a wonderful time.


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