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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Backpacking in Europe vs. Backpacking in Canada – Things to consider

 Europe is the one of the most massive destinations in the world offering different countries to explore while you’re there. Depending on how much time you need to travel and the amount of places you want to explore, backpacking isn’t always cheap. Whether you’re travelling alone or with friends, there are countless things to consider. Just like Europe, travelling in Canada isn’t exactly easy if you’re planning on going Coast to Coast. While Canada is growing destination for backpackers, you’ll need to plan and research accordingly as the distance between destinations is quite vast.

Understanding the Budget:

While backpacking to Europe is quite cheap compared to Canada, you need to still consider your budget for hostels or hotels along with basic travel costs. During the summer months, Camping is a budget friendly option. If you’re camping at certain locations, especially in hilly areas then carrying high quality camping accessories is important. You can get these accessories online for a a decent price. From camping cookers to lanterns, you’ll find all types of camping items. I find online camping shops tend to be a bit cheaper than some local ones.

Research about Festivals:

Both Europe and Canada have their own unique festivals, which also highlights some of the best that these places have to offer. Before starting your backpacking journey to any of these places, do some research about festivals celebrated and when do they fall, so that you can visit at the same time. Travelling during the festival is the best way to get into the fun and culture followed. Check out my post on the best summer music festivals in Canada.


Travelling from one place to another need a good transportation service that will help to explore places easily. From planes to trains, there are different options to travel around. Both Europe and Canada offers varied transportation options to select from and travel around. Check out for the travel saving options like rail and bus passes.


There are different types of accommodation options in Europe and Canada that can be selected as per the budget and days to spend over. From low budget hotels to motels, there are different options to choose from. Booking in advance for the accommodation can help in getting the right space and in low cost. While Europe has more hostels than Canada, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how may hostels are found across Canada.

Budget for Total Days:

When it comes to backpacking, it is important to consider the number of days you’ll be on the road and to  budget for the total days spent traveling. You need to sit and plan for a budget that’s not going to leave you in debt when you get home. Plan out the the average price of accomodation, food, beer, and tours. This will certainly help you to narrow down the number of days to spend traveling.

Learning Language:

Europe consists of different countries, speaking different languages. So seeking short term classes to learn the local language could be beneficial. However, in Canada, where the official language is English, most travellers will find it a breeze. If you’re planning on traveling to Quebec or New Brunswick, which has a large French speaking population, it can help a lot to know a few french phrases.

There is a quite a big difference when it comes to backpacking to Europe or Canada. From currency to places and cost, spend some serious time planning to help make this the perfect backpacking trip.

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