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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Things You Should Never Forget Before Going on a Trip

With more and more travellers planning trips on their own there can always be a few items that slip your mind. Combined with the excitement of your upcoming holiday, as well as packing your bags a few days in advance (we’ve all been guilty of this one), we have you covered for those extra things you may have forgotten during the rush and excitement.

Here are the things you should never forget before going on a trip

Printed Copies of Your Travel Documents

We all know that the minute you jump on your flight you will want to Snapchat the whole experience, which is fine but where is all your hotel information if your phone dies? Rule of thumb for us when travelling is to carry a copy of our hotel, tour and flight receipts that are placed in our checked in luggage to ensure it’s always on us. We also suggest you make a backup photocopy of your passport and bring that along with you too.

External Battery Charger

If you haven’t already purchased one to fuel your Pokemon Go obsession then we suggest you pick up a lightweight external USB battery charger to be used in emergency situations. With fantastic apps such as Google Translate, Here Offline Maps and also use of your camera, you will want to make sure you don’t get stuck in a situation where you can’t switch on your phone.

Travel Insurance

This one we hope you NEVER forget. Whether you want your luggage covered for accidental loss or damage or if you are like us, and had our agent book our departure flight from the wrong country – you just never know when something will go wrong. Southern Cross Travel Insurance offers travel insurance without any excess on medical claims so if you need an emergency overseas it’s nice to know you don’t have to fork out anymore money on top of your holiday.

First Aid Kit

Speaking of injuries whilst abroad, this one we must admit only came into our radar after our last trip through Cambodia. We were travelling in a very remote area where no ATM’s were present and the only pharmacy was attached to a locals house. Jess came down with a sickness and we had no electrolytes or pain killers and on top of that – only spare change on us – long story short it was the last few days of our trip and we forgot to research the area. Always come prepared and pack a small first aid kit containing the essentials.

Spare Money

Though we don’t recommend you take all your spending money with you on your flight, we do recommend you withdraw some local currency. Just enough to cover a day’s worth of expenses including a taxi trip, a couple of meals and drinks and maybe to get a sim card if thats your plan. That way when you arrive you can get your bearings before needing to run off to find a currency exchange or ATM.

Headphones + Podcasts

Headphones, don’t forget them. One of the biggest part of travelling is the actual travelling part of it. Also, if you aren’t already on-board with podcasts make sure you do, they honestly make time go twice as quick when compared to listening to music. Give Serial a go, think Making a Murder but on your iPod.

For Extended Trips – Washing Tablets

We figured this trick out about halfway through our year abroad when we came across convenient squishy clothes washing tablets. A 10 pack lasted us a month or so and it took up less space than a few pairs of socks. If you are staying in hostels this will save you some money instead of buying their cleaning supplies.

Wet Weather Gear

We aren’t just talking about a few warm jackets, we mean water proof jackets and an umbrella. Also if you are travelling with camera gear, grab some rubbish bags that you can easily slip over your camera bag if the heavens decide to open up on you. It happened to us at the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam and it saved my new camera from sudden death.

Bonus – Your Banks

Now we aren’t saying that you shouldn’t forget your bank cards, but did you remember to call your bank and let them know you are overseas? That will save you the embarrassment and frustration when you try to withdraw some cash and the fraud department locks your cards up.

Also as a bonus-bonus for you – bring multiple cards with different accounts. It has happened to me twice, yes twice, whilst abroad that one of my cards has been hit for fraud and left me stranded. Luckily I had a backup card that I could easily transfer my money across onto.

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