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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Best Camera’s For Backpacking

You’re about to set out on a multi-week, multi-month, or multi-year backpacking adventure. That’s awesome! But you’re going to need a camera. Buying a quality camera is one of the most important things you’re likely going to want to pack along with you. Ther’es a ton of choices, from point and shoot cameras, to DSLRs, there’s something for every skill level out there. Tracking down the right type for you, your skill level, and most importantly, your budget, is key to ensuring you have some memories you can look back on years down your road.

Best Point & Shoots Cameras for Backpackers

best-point-shoot-backpackersLet’s start off nice and easy, and easy on the wallet. The point and shoot cameras. Wildly popular in the early 2000’s, they’ve been replaced by many people by iPhones, Androids, and DSLRs. But they’re not worth totally discounting. Point & Shoot Cameras have grown into their own. If you’re planning on anything beyond selfies, a quality point and shoot can capture shots that you might not have been able to at the risk of ruining your phone. Waterproof, dustproof, crushproof, and iceproof point and shoot cameras allow you to capture moments while participating in anything more exciting than walking from A to B.

Best DSLR Cameras for Backpackers

Point and shoots a bit too grandma for you? While you can get some great prints using point & shoots, if you really want to label yourself as a backpacker-photographer, you’re likely going to need a DSLR (or Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera, if you’re an über camera nerd). Just be warned, they can be a pain to haul around, but in my opinion traveling with a quality camera is worth the extra few pounds.

The two big hitters in the DSLR game are Nikon, and Canon. There’s a few stragglers in the mix, but thse two are those most common brands you’ll see. Personally, I use a Canon, but just Canon, Nikon, same diff in my opinion. Though I’m sure some die-hard photographer would rip me a new one for saying that. Covering the best DSLR cameras here is going to be tough. Totally depends on your budget, and skill level.

If you’re new to DSLR’s and interested in learning photography but don’t have as large of a budget as you might like, these are some great starter DSLRs, perfect for your own travel photography.

Intermediate Level DSLR Cameras for Backpackers

If you’ve got a bit more money kicking around, and know that you’re going to be take this whole photography thing serious, jumping right to the intermediate level DSLR’s might be a great idea for you.

Expert Level DSLR Cameras for Backpackers

I wish I could say I know something about expert level DSLR’s, but I’ve only ever held them and shook my head in disbelief at the cost and the sheer weight of them. I have, however, asked some of my photographer backpacker friends and asked what they recommend. I can’t imagine pro-level DSLRs are that easy to travel with, but some do it day in and day out. Here’s a list of the best pro / expert level DSLR cameras.

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